Only Indiana memberships Sign up now get $150 Off!

Only Indiana memberships Sign up now get $150 Off!

Only Indiana memberships Sign up now get $150 Off! Only Indiana memberships Sign up now get $150 Off! Only Indiana memberships Sign up now get $150 Off!

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What We Do

Our Job is to make YOU be AMAZING to your clients and Grow your referral business!


Welcome to Only Indiana—The Artisan Collection!


From the moment your clients receive an Only Indiana—The Artisan Collection gift box, they’ll be delighted by the beauty of a classic Indiana scene emblazoned in deep colors on the cover. Opening reveals a virtual cornucopia of delights, along with the quandary of which delicacy to sample first.

Also included is a specially designed Story Card telling your company's unique history  and how you give back to our Indiana communities. 

Then a week after, guess what?  Your clients can receive a special hand addressed a letter in the mail with a $50 gift card to shop at Market Wagon with a request to submit a Google review on your behalf.

Now that’s a Game Changer!


Why We Do It


It's easy, we have built Only Indiana because we know referral business is the best business.

92% of customers have a more positive image of the company when they support a social or community issue.

87% of customers would be more likely to trust your company and refer friends and family to them if they have a positive experience.

88% of companies employees would be loyal to your company if they were involved in social programs.

Heads up to business owners Millennial's  will make up 50% of the workforce by 2020, and 87% of them want to work with companies that give back.

 Use corporate gifts as referral marketing tools.

Grow Your Leads. Let Us Tell Your Story of Community Support.

How this is your game changer

A Powerful Customer Referral Strategy

Only Indiana gifts can harness the enthusiasm of your happiest and most loyal customers all while reducing your customer acquisition costs. Only Indiana gifts; like refer-a-friend programs, have  inherent ‘social media proof’ that your customers appreciate you.  You will see great testimonials on your social media pages just like our customers do.

Only Indiana offers  Platinum and Gold membership plans, which can be created and managed via direct interaction with Only Indiana.  We also have custom designed programs. We become your easy Indiana artisan gift curator, and your stoeyteller. Our options are suited to B2C and B2B companies and provide a long lasting and memorable user experience for the giver and receiver, further supporting Indiana and your customer referral goals.

Simply select your Only Indiana gift package, submit your information and once we receive your order we will contact you directly to ensure we meet every one of your goals.    You deserve to have Only Indiana tell your story.

It’s that simple!


About Us

About Deb



While working in the gift basket business, I saw that most companies rely heavily on generic gift baskets with no real purpose. The gifts lacked the vision and meaning of what Indiana is all about. I knew it was necessary to have my gifts mean more than just a yummy treat from vendors all over the United States. Indiana is all about family and friends. That’s what makes us all Hoosiers. By reaching out to Indiana artisans and promoting their business we create a greater audience for their products and grow their impact in the community.

Learn more about Deb in her latest community featured article at the Southside Times

How We Support Our Community


At Only Indiana, we serve companies and professionals with high-quality Indiana Artisan goods that people will love to give and receive. We are proud to be the first Indiana company ever to fully focus on Indiana in the corporate gifting landscape. 

We take great pride in also giving back to our local community by donating 5% of gift memberships back to our local community.

Who We support

Our Local Artisans


 We work with the best local artisans to source the most authentic Indiana ingredients, and use old-fashioned techniques to ensure the highest quality. 

Our goal is to make your taste buds happy! 

Dillman Farms

Crazy Charlies Salsa

Newfangled Confections

Best Boy and Company

Amazing Hazel's

Scholars Inn Bakehouse

B. Happy Peanut Butter

Midwest Fresh

Support our Community