Who's chuck?

I'm  glad you asked,

When it comes to shoes, he is one of the biggest names in footwear in the country, if not the entire world. And he’s from rural Brown County in Indiana. He graduated from Columbus High School in 1919. While he began his career as a semi-professional player, he is best known for his work with the Converse Shoe company as a traveling salesman during the 1926–27 season, Taylor was a player-manager of the All-Stars, the Chicago-based touring team that the Converse company sponsored to promote sales of its Converse All Star basketball shoes.

While working for the shoe company, Charles Taylor promoted the shoes he was selling, at basketball clinics and such. He was very well connected in the sport of basketball. So connected that many people reached out to him, looking to be connected to coaches and athletic directors, seeking employment opportunities.

Charles Taylor had some advice for Converse. He suggested that the shoe needed more support around the ankles. Converse agreed and took his advice and it’s been paying dividends for nearly 100 years now. The improvement was so successful that Converse decided to add his name to their logo, to show appreciation for his recommendation.

The shoe continues to have his name on the converse logo, which we commonly refer to as the “Chuck Taylors”. The NBA used his shoe for over 50 years. American soldiers trained in Converse All Star shoes during World War II. Even today, the iconic basic design of the shoe has not changed since 1949.  According to Facebook, Converse is the third brand in the world and its calculation of “likes”.

Thanks Chuck, a true Hoosier legend.

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